Monday, 8 March 2010

Spotlight on ......... Lazy Daisy Glass

Lazy Daisy Glass is run by Kathryn Abrahams from her rural studio near Speyside. Inspirations for her designs are taken from the sea and surf that surrounds us all. Kathryn has been living in Scotland for 7 years and decided to make a career change when her daughter was born.

Kathryn invested in her first kiln, bought some books and started experimenting in various techniques of glass art. Business has grown over the months since attending her first trade fair in 2009 and this has enabled her to invest in a second, and larger kiln. The size of the new kiln has brought many more opportunities for creating sculptures and large scale wall art. Her range has also expanded to include wall art, clocks, coasters and jewellery. She now attends trade shows and local craft events selling her wares.

Contact Kathryn Abrahams on 01542 860343.

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